Pre-medical (often referred to as pre-med) is an educational track that the grade 12th students pursue prior to becoming medical students. It involves activities that prepare a student for medical school, such as pre-med coursework, volunteer activities, clinical experience, research, and the application process. Some pre-med programs providing broad preparation are referred to as “pre-professional” and may simultaneously prepare students for entry into a variety of first professional degree or graduate school programs that require similar prerequisites (such as medical, veterinary, or pharmacy schools).

This qualification in Pre-Medical Sciences are aimed at students wanting to continue their education through applied learning. It provides a wide-ranging study of the Pre-Med and is designed for students who wish to pursue or advance their career in study of Medicine and in Applied Sciences or related fields. In addition to the knowledge, understanding and skills that underpin the study of the Medicine and Applied Sciences sector, this qualification give students experience of the breadth and depth of the sector that will prepare them for further study or training in Medicine and in Applied Sciences and In related fields throughout the world.
Students can enrol into study of Medicine and in Applied Sciences in many universities worldwide.

Students who complete this program gets an assured admission into their MD Program in Saint Teresa University, an off-shore American Medical School located in the serene Caribbean islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Students will be eligible to do clinicals studies in the US after completion of pre-clinicals in the university. A fully accredited world renowned program, students can transfer to more than 200 universities world wide in US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India etc to continue their under-grad study. 

Course Instructors:

Dr. Navin Kumar Mahadevan, MS, MRCS

Ortho Surgeon, Program Head

Dr. V. N. Asvini Devi, BDS, MDS

Pre-Med Faculty

Our PArtner