EDstart conducts a test similar test to a psychometrics test for every student and suggests appropriate programs for their acedemic and their biggest professional growth. According to the affordability and the thirst of the student, EDstart will recommend an appropriate program and country where the student can complete the program and successfully get a career.

EDstart can open the eyes for new avenues worldwide for prospective students to excel in their academic career. So far the market has directed all students towards a liberal arts program or a management program and then look for work VISA and settlement in other countries. But EDstart recommends to plan right from the 10th grade for the students to enrol into technical skill programs which are chosen by EDstart and their partnered institutions.

Further, EDstart shall teach various international languages and English to the required level for the students to clear the immigration requirements of each and every country and thus obtain scholarship for higher education and further settle his career abroad according to the interests of the student.