In today’s competitive world it has become very important that young students need a well-informed way of building their carrier through a clear understanding of where today’s global economic situation is headed to and how can they develop their skills to manage the requirements of the modern world.

Over 30 years Pearson BTEC has been one of the global leaders in the education sector in engaging learners both practically and also develop their interpersonal and thinking skills. The qualifications that have been developed by Pearson using their BTEC platform clearly addresses the need of employers with the relevant skills. The learner is prepared professionally for managing any kind of requirement through the practical exposure given to them by BTEC courses. All qualifications designed by Pearson BETC is in line with the current global requirements and helps the learners to move forward in their respective careers.

EDstart and Pearson are partnered together in providing young learners an opportunity to explore different opportunities in the field of Engineering. EDstart helps in building the required confidence in young learners by exposing them to various scenarios practically, an approach that has always been successful when it comes to any education sector. All EDstart tutors follow this process of engaging students practically and also ensure that they are provided with the required theoretical knowledge in order to understand the concepts in a more effective manner. We at EDstart give preference to the requirements of the learners to gain the knowledge to succeed in their chosen pathway in a more easy and self-paced manner.

BTEC CERTIFICATIONS are awarded by Pearson a very renowned and recognized education certification provider and are recognized in more than 100 countries at all levels, from Class 10th to Degree equivalent. BTEC courses approach learning in a practical way with a clear importance given to the theory on the particular subject.

Why choose EDstart?


  • Globally recognized BTEC certification accepted by more than 200 prestigious universities across the world.
  • The career options provided are wider like – Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computing (Network/Software Engineering).
  • EDstart faculties have a rich industrial experience and are also trained by Pearson UK.

  • Learners are provided with the required assistance in completing their programs and thus ensure their transfer to major universities.
  • IELTS training is also provided for the students to ensure admission into premier UK universities like Durham University, Coventry University College, Wrexham Glyndwr University etc.,
  • Direct entry into degree courses offered by Universities across UK & Canada
  • Enables the learners to equip themselves for a job globally as per the requirements of employers
  • More emphasis given on practical approach to study.
  • Affordable fee with a clear career pathway for all learners through a certification recognised both by professional bodies (70 across the world) and valued by International employers globally.


Who can choose BTEC?


  • BTEC Level 4 – For 12th Standard onwards
  • BTEC Level 5 – For 12th Standard onwards





A BTEC in engineering helps learners to become industry ready to take up employment in the respective Engineering sector chosen by them. Practical skills that the learners require are developed by instilling deep and specialist skills through this course.

Career Options:

  • Electrical Engineers [Principle Electrical Engineer, Electrical Project Engineer, Electrical Control Engineers, Electrical Distribution Designers]
  • Computer Engineers [Computer Network Architect, Network Designer, Software Engineers/Developers, System Analysts]
  • Mechanical Engineers [Product Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Drafting and Graphics Engineer, Material Testing Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Consultant] 


Month of Admission: July – August

EDstart Admission Requirements:

The minimum academic requirement for a BTEC Higher National Level 4 Certificate (HNC) & BTEC Higher National Level 5 Diploma (HND) is full time education completion certificate of 10 + 2 years. In addition to this the students will have to undergo a basic center evaluation. Learners are required to submit all their certifications leading up to their Class 12.

Career Progression:


EDstart assists the students with their career progression by guiding them for applying in the Universities chosen by the students.

Once the student has completed their BTEC Higher National Level 4 Certificate (HNC), he becomes eligible to doing an undergraduate degree course (BS) in the respective field and further pursue his education in the universities chosen by the student. On completion of BTEC Higher National Level 5 Diploma (HND), he becomes eligible to pursue B Eng. (Hons); joining as a lateral entrant in the 3rd year and complete the same in 2 years. He also has the option of completing the 3rd year only and gaining a (BS) degree.

According to Pearson, higher education providers who have collaborated with them for the Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals in Engineering program include:

  • Aston University
  • Wrexham Glydwr University
  • Birmingham Metropolitan College
  • Blackpool and Fylde college
  • Bridgewater College
  • Brunel University
  • Coventry University College
  • University of Derby
  • St. Helens College
  • Teeside University
  • UCL
  • Warwickshire College
  • University of South Wales
  • Cardiff and Vale College